About Us

Our Mission

To provide innovative, practical, high quality, no preservative, NO GMO products that will contribute to the improvement of people’s health and eating habits.

To play an active role by providing our communities with more healthful and enjoyable ways to eat in a fashion that has never been done before!

We believe that our first responsibility is to the consumer who uses our healthy products.

Who We Are

• Previously; Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! VEGGIE CAKES has served communities and schools for many years. While we have always been a “Kids Company,” we are now introducing Veggie Cakes Boutique to include our new “Vegan Line” of Veggie Cakes. We have always incorporated a variety of fresh raw fruit and veggies into our recipes. However, now our new Vegan Line (Whole Wheat, Organic Sugar, Oats, Flaxseed, Veggies & Fruits) constitutes a double plant-based baking experience in every recipe!

• Our new unique boutique is designed to offer a variety of sustainable “Farm to Table” baking options to kids, families, and communities at an affordable cost.

• Indeed, as we move forward, our goal is to merge the strengths of the baking industry with locally accessible farmers markets” markets, your local grocery produce, and fruit/veggie home delivery that is in conjunction with our recipes. We are offering consumers a new sensible, and expressive baking from scratch concept, which is exceptionally affordable and supports sustainability on much larger-scale.

• We are still a “Kids” Company, specializing and providing healthy baked products to kids in schools, and we do it well. Kids across our nation are served processed foods that contain no health value or real nutrition due to a limited school budget.

• “Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!“ Veggie Cakes continues to be a proud qualified company to serve our schools a product that exceeds all USDA School Food Guidelines suggested by the Institute of Medicine with flexible pricing.

• We use 100% whole grain flour so that our kids are not missing out on the proper grains that they need. We are one of the first companies to set the trend to health in our schools by providing our kids with a great breakfast, snack, and lunch item containing the bread, fruit, and vegetable servings that are needed daily to maintain a healthy way of eating.

• Goal; to provide consumers with healthier baked items that are genuinely loaded with 100% whole grains and infused with raw fruits & veggies baked into each muffin – VEGGIE CAKES!

• We are a farm to school, farm to table company; this means we infuse fresh fruits and raw vegetables from local farms (seasonal), directly into our products to serve our consumers the best of fresh.

• Our Slogan is “Farm to Table, Read the Label”

• It truly takes a village….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C-bvenTdYE

Our Story

• Have Your Cake and Eat it Too was developed in 1998

• Goal; to provide consumers with a healthier dessert that was truly loaded with whole grains, fruits & veggies- VEGGIECAKES!

• 2000… Went to market with Veggie Cake line; Zucchini Banana, Spinach & Yam, Blueberry & Yellow Squash, Broccoli Cake (believe it or not, sold at Balducci’s ). Our famous Bluenanaberry and Very Vanilla. Products were sold in Starbucks, Whole Foods, Balducci’s, Giant Foods. We utilized local farming to incorporate fruit and veggies into our cake.

Click here For Press (Fox 5 News in October 2000.)

Click Here for our Washington Post Article. Or click here for text version.

• 2006… Contacted by “The Alliance for A Healthier Generation” to develop clean label muffins for school kids

Click here for the Alliance for Healthy Schools Article!

• 2007… After one year of R&D, 100% whole grain Veggie Muffins were born! Muffins qualified as two components by USDA new school food standards; a whole grain and ¼ cup fruit & veggies, “All in One”… (Cost-effective for school budgets)

• 2008… We hit the school market as schools began to serve three USDA required food components at breakfast; a protein, whole grain, and a fruit.

• We developed a high quality healthy whole grain muffin, no preservatives with a very clean label product. As a company, we knew that many times a child’s school meal would be the only meal a child may have access to in their daily life, and we wanted them to have the most nutritional product that we could offer. Our product provided something nutritious, infused with fruits/veggies, whole grain, and yet affordable. We then developed a sustainability program where we used local farms to purchase our fruits and vegetables.

• 2009… Local Shop Will Aid in a Healthy School Year Article

A little about the company

• WUSA9 – School Obesity Program

• Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act School Meals Implementation was put in place, and School Food Nutritional Directors now recognize our muffins as an All in One; Cost-Effective

• To present, our Whole Grain Veggie Muffins are served in schools with yogurt or a cheese stick.




Introducing a new concept in “Grab N Go”
Healthy Desserts, Muffins & Cakes

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too! “Veggiecakes”

Healthier Options with Clean Labels for kids and families. Create muffins, cakes, desserts, and your own “Grab n Go” 100% Whole Grain Veggie Mix, Vegan, and Gluten Free Mix Options.

We have been serving school districts under the strict guidelines of USDA
Healthier options in schools are known as “Smart Snacks”

“Smart Snacks” Make sense!

This is a new unique healthy, and easy baking concept you can create at home, in alignment with our mission to serve kids and families clean label baking options!

“Grab n Go’”


With our quick easy baking mixes, the whole family can…
Mixem any way you wantem!

Make it your own